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What’s the Pocket in Women’s Underwear For?

What’s the Pocket in Women’s Underwear For?

The little panty pocket. It’s the little piece of fabric that sits at the crotch of your underwear and rubs up against your bits. We all know of it, but why is it even there? Unfortunately, it’s not to tuck away snacks, hold your money, or store all your secrets. The panty pocket a.k.a the gusset has a much more practical purpose and is super important for your vaginal health. But here’s the tea: most brands aren’t doing the gusset’s job well. I’m unapologetically throwing shade at everyone. 

Okay let’s get into it: the gusset has three purposes: to add extra protection, to increase durability of your underwear, and to keep things breathable down there. 

The thin fabric of the underwear alone isn’t enough to protect against the chafing of your pants on your punani. The gusset adds an extra layer of protection between you, the main fabric of the underwear, and everything outside of that. It helps prolong the life of your underwear so you can wear your favorite panty longer. It helps reinforce the structure of the panty so your coochie is nice and comfy.

Additionally, vulva-owners have discharge! This is the fluid that regularly comes out of your vagina. (It’s super normal). The panty gusset helps contain discharge, sweat, and other moistures from leaking through your clothes so you can stay dry throughout the day. You may notice that even synthetic undies or seamless undies have (hopefully) cotton gussets. This is to increase breathability so bacteria doesn’t get trapped all up in there. This lowers your risk of irritations and infections. You’re probably wondering why it’s a pocket shape anyways? The open side helps increase airflow to your sensitive area. Other brands claim it’s because it’s cheaper to only sew one side but that’s not true. The pocket still needs to be reinforced on the open end so the fabric doesn’t unravel. Many manufacturers charge by the amount of seams sewn. The gusset still counts - sorry to break it to you guys (“you guys” meaning all the other brands doing a sh*t job at making gussets). 

When checking the fabric content of a gusset, you want to make sure it’s cotton! Other fibers (especially synthetic ones) are bad for you hoo-ha. The skin is the largest membrane. Everything that touches your vagina gets absorbed right up in there. You want to be conscious of the fabrics touching your skin down there! Cherri undies are made with Supima cotton and organic dyes so you don’t have to worry about toxins being absorbed through the cooch. 

Now knowing that underwear gussets exist to serve and protect (thank you for your service🫡), you’d think underwear brands would do just that. Well the truth is, most underwear brands don’t even make gussets big enough to fit the average vulva size. 

I did a survey of over 5,000 vulva-owners and discovered that the average gusset width was 1.8 inches wide but the average vulva width was 2.5 inches wide. That’s way too small to fit the average person’s vag. Having an underwear gusset that rides up, gives you lip slips, digs in the wrong areas and leads to irritation completely contradicts the purpose of the gusset anyways. 

Cherri makes all the gussets extra wide to eliminate the lip slip and welcome a happy hoo-ha. This is literally the entire reason this brand exists. Cherri makes undies with comfort in mind for even your most intimate areas. Cherri is a cha-cha game changer! 

Women’s clothing is already designed with a lack of pockets where we need them. Sorry to break it to you that the gusset is, sadly, not the pocket you wanted. But Cherri delivers on the gussets you need. 


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