About The Founder

Photo by: Brigid Crispi
Hi! I'm Gabriella Scaringe - the founder of Cherri. Let me take you through my story:

I started Cherri about four years ago. It wasn’t until I made a TikTok video talking about my insecurity I had with my vulva growing up and about how most underwear wasn’t fitting my body well down there that I started to nail down product market fit. This video scaled over 8.5 million views got me over 400,000 followers and I realized that my body was never the problem but rather women’s underwear is not designed to fit most people in the places we actually need it to fit. So many other people felt the same way I did and I realized I had tapped into a very powerful underserved part of the market and pivoted my company to accommodate it. I created a community of vulva-owners who have really resonated with my message and share the same insecurity that no one else but me is talking about in the body positivity conversation.

I did a survey of over 5000 women and I discovered that the average width of a woman’s underwear gusset is about 1.8 inches but the average width of a woman’s downstairs anatomy is about 2.5 inches. That’s about a full inch too short to coverage on the average person's meow meow. So I created Cherri which is a vulva friendly underwear company with width where you need it so you can say goodbye to lips slips and hello to comfy undies. I’m offering a friendly face-to-face approach to the intersection of women’s wellness and fashion by making the uncomfortable comfortable again.