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Is Discharge Normal?

Is Discharge Normal?

I’m here to give you the 411 on what's happening down under with discharge and spoiler alert – it’s normal!


So what is discharge? It’s a natural fluid is produced by the cervix and vaginal walls, and it's as unique as a fingerprint – different for every person and ever-changing. Vaginal discharge is made up of water, cells that are naturally shed from the vaginal walls, and friendly bacteria that keep the bad guys at bay. The texture, color, and scent can vary throughout your menstrual cycle. Sometimes it's thin and watery, other times it's thick and gooey. Don't worry if it's not always crystal clear – shades of white, off-white, and even slightly yellow are all part of the normal spectrum.


Vagina owners operate on a monthly hormonal cycle. Your discharge will change depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. During ovulation, when you're most fertile and fabulous, it might resemble the raw egg whites you'd whip up in the kitchen. And as your period approaches, it can take on a thicker, creamier vibe.


In most cases, vaginal discharge is a superstar sidekick, keeping your intimate area happy and healthy. But if it suddenly changes in color, smell, or consistency, or if it's accompanied by itching, burning, or discomfort, it might be time for a chat with your healthcare provider. After all, they're the real MVPs when it comes to understanding your body. You can check out Wisp for telehealth care (use the code GABY35 for a discount), your primary care provider, or your closest Planned Parenthood to get a doctor’s insight.


When it comes to discharge - we’re meant to have it! It’s our body’s way of self cleaning and it’s an important indicator of your health. Maintain good hygiene practices but avoiding harsh soaps! Stay away from products that claim to eradicate discharge. They may end up doing more harm than good and will disrupt your pH balance. Say yes to breathable fabrics like cotton can help your intimate area stay as happy as a clam.You may find that you have more discharge when you wear synthetic underwear or clothing that isn’t breathable. If the underwear you have on doesn’t have any wicking properties, it’s all just going to build up! 


Cherri undies are made with organic Supima cotton and MicroModal - two fibers with excellent wicking properties. Therefore, your coochie can breathe! Less discomfort, happier hooha. Check out the array of underwear designs Cherri offers that will keep you feeling comfy during all of your discharge changes.


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